Q) Are you regulated?

A) I am a full member of The Musicians’ Union. The Union strongly endorses ‘The Music Education Code of Practice’ that was originally created for and by the profession through Music Leader and Sound Senses. The Music Education Code of Practice helps to ensure music practitioners provide high quality music making and learning experiences for the people they work with. The Code does this by providing a set of quality statements concerning all aspects of music learning.

I have adopted the Code of Practice and am fully committed to providing high-quality work and teaching. I recommend that all teachers, employers, pupils and parents be well acquainted with the code and adopt it when working together.

Q) How long is a normal drum lesson?

A) Drum lessons are tailored to suit the student. A typical lesson lasts an hour, however 30 minute lessons are recommended for younger students.

Q) How much do you charge for a drum lesson?

A) Drum lessons are £27 per hour lesson (a discount is offered at £125.00 for a block booking of 5 lessons) or £15 for a 30 minute lesson (a discount is offered at £65.00 for a block booking of 5 lessons)

Q) Do you need any previous drum or percussion skill to take part in the Unite events?

A) No previous experience is required for the Unite events. All of the Unite programs are created for ease of use and for beginners on both drum kits and percussion.

Q) Do you provide the equipment for the Unite events?

A) All equipment is provided for the Unite events. Depending on what you wish to achieve for your Unite event, different drums and instruments will be selected to maximise effect.

Q) How many people can participate in a Unite event?

A) The Unite workshops can be tailored for both small and large groups. I am happy to discuss ideas on an individual basis.